Guanin Center, Inc., offering free room and board for Volunteers at the Guanin Community Center.
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How to Get Free Room and Board

Free room and board may seem too good to be true, but it's not. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of a free place for volunteering. Choose to be a member today and get all the benefit.

a) Round trip to airport to the project field at the Guanin Community center in la Piedta
b) Free room and board
c) Assistance 24/7
d) Free Spanish classes
e) Able to participate in all the cultural and sports activity
f) Adventure trip on weekend
g) Beach time and more Instructions

Make your own team and adjust your own time.
A) Apply today for your membership, and pay a fee $ 10 a month
B) Sign the application form for your volunteer work


Centro Cultural Guanin, Inc., is a Dominican non-profit charitable organization, incorporated through Decree No. 384-02, in the Dominican Republic and also incorporated in the USA, with the 501(c)3.

Need volunteer at our Community Center in la Piedra, Dominican Republic. La Piedra is a Dominican/Haitian community, with a total population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants. But we serve directly approximately 1300 inhabitants, in la Piedra 1 and 2. Around 60% earn less than US$3 per day for lack of employment and one in three earns less than US$2 per day-if they are lucky enough to earn anything.

They survive by raising animals, principally chickens, growing some food for local consumption, such as yucca and other vegetables, and by doing occasional odd jobs (chiripeo). Only 10% of the residents have access to electricity, and there are no telephone lines, Internet, normal transportation, health service, or other types of technology available. All of you would be welcome to enjoy as well, will be fun and a lot time to meet real Dominican life and approve your Spanish.

Where is located?

The Guanin Community Center is located in the community of la Piedra in the Municipality of Guerra, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic, an hour and a half to the east of the National District and half an hour north of the Las Americas Airport.

Type of work,

Fundraising to finish the volunteer house
Project design
Teach, after school program
Teach ESL program
Organic agriculture
Health, medical and nursing program
Invite friends to join us
Make your own team
Fundraising project
My Roof Program (construction and fix houses)
Mentor Sports Program
Engage and support local communities organizations
Assist with project preparation
Coach potential grantees through inquiry and application process
Community Service learning
Teach musical instrument
Library project
Literacy programs for youths and adult
Mentor Summer Camp
Internship program
Volunteer services
Community Development
Spring Break program
Women Club
Human Right
Invite friends to join us and Etc.


Basic responsibilities are working at Guanin Community Center or at the office once a day, 5 days a week, and weekend free for adventure and some exploring, to Jarabacoa, Puerto Plata, Sosua, Samana and las Terrenas or to East Cost. The work should take about 3 hours a day depend in what project or program you are working in. Experience working with kids is not required, but if you have experience you may also get the opportunity to help develop this community of la Piedra for now. This is a great way to learn about Dominican History……………. And his people!

Languages spoken

Spanish, French Creole and English


Accommodation is in the Guanin Community Center, in la Piedra, Piedra in the Municipality of Guerra, Santo Domingo Province, Dominican Republic, an hour and a half to the east of the National District and half an hour north of the Las Americas Airport. For now we have room for 4 people and growing up to 10. We have a new construction where we will have room for 20 volunteers for free. Please help us to finish it the construction. We don´t have hot water, Internet connection and line phone, but we will provide cell phone with calling card in that way your parent can be in touch with you 24/7. We will be providing transportation round trip from the airport to the project field. The house is very well maintained and safe, our Guanin Center staff and neighborhood are very friendly.


We can help you arrange an apartment with other volunteers, a home stay with guest family, small hostels to more comfortable hotels. or you can get your own place to stay. When you are applying for a project, you will have to opportunity to discuss accommodation arrangements with us.

Budget for participation at the Guanin Community Center Volunteer

Per week Home stay cost per week with 2 meals included: US $174.00
Estimate cost for food per week: US $50-70.00
One- time fee to apply no matter the time limit US $250.00 (Fee to donate to camp needs for the children and families (counselor will get lunch and transportation to and from camp with this fee).

We recommend that you fly from JFK from NYC to Santo Domingo-(Jetblue Airlines) usually is the best bargain.

Apply today for your membership and pay on line
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Application form, apply now

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